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Fully Compliant Gate Safety

Safety Standards Explained

At Site Services UK, we will strive to enhance safety aspects wherever possible and provide you with an end product that adheres to industry standards.

Automatic gates and traffic barriers must comply with the supply of machinery (safety) regulations 2008 as a legal requirement. European Standards BS EN 12445:2001 and BS EN 12453:2001 can be used to prove compliance with these regulations. 

The standards describe the key requirements for installation, testing and ongoing compliance of automatic gate systems. The standards are designed to protect you from risks associated with entrapment between parts of a moving swing or sliding gate.
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Dangerous Installations can cause Severe Injury

Electric Gate and Barrier Safety:

The guidelines below will help you understand the requirements of a safe gate system. 
  • Precautions must be considered for all areas of crushing, shearing and draw in on gates.
  • The guide lines stipulate a maximum of 400N of crushing force allowed before gate must start to reverse in these areas. Areas outside of this are allowed up to 1400N.
  • States the force exerted on contact must begin to reduce within 750 milliseconds to below 150N.
  • Defines that a danger area is considered to exist when a gap between the gate and a stationary object reduces to 50cm or below.
  • Requires selected force limitation technology to protect danger areas of gate fully up to a height of 2.5 metres on both sliding and swing gates.
  • Requires that the gate must be equipped with an emergency release system. Users must be trained on how to operate the system.
We will perform a risk assessment, which includes identifying the hazards and estimating the severity as well as likelihood of each hazard. We will follow this up with an evaluation to determine if the hazards are adequately controlled and, if they are not, take the necessary steps to correct this situation.

In addition to risk assessment, our staff will educate you on the advantages of preventative maintenance and force testing.

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New Installations

All new gate systems are installed with the latest safety technology. All hazard and danger areas are addressed leaving the installation safe and reliable for both vehicles and pedestrians.
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Upgrading Existing Gates

Whether you want to keep vehicles, pedestrians or animals away, we will make sure our installations meet your specific requirements.
Get in touch with us if you are looking for industrial gates, residential gates or need a gate repair service. We also provide security solutions to schools. View our gallery and call our friendly team today.

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